2020: A year of showing up

The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time - Brené Brown | Peach Yoga

2020…a year like no other. Living through the Covid-19 pandemic, with the constant sense of uncertainty and lack of physical connection with our friends and family, has made the year extremely challenging for so many. Once you add in other difficulties, whether that be illness, bereavement, unemployment, or anything else life throws our way, I doubt many people are ending this year on a high.

I always choose a word or theme at the beginning of each year, something to give a focus and direction without the restrictive nature of resolutions. An intention for how I would like to be in the year ahead. In 2020 my year was overwhelmingly shaped by personal challenges made all the more difficult by the pandemic. And my theme for 2020 was Show Up.

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