Transition and change: What we can learn from yoga

Yoga for transition and change | Peach Yoga Blog

Change is difficult for humans. We often like to either rush past the transition part to get to where we’re going, or resist the change and stay firmly attached to the familiar. We place ourselves in the past or the future instead of that tricky present moment of in-betweenness. Yoga has a lot to teach us here.

When I’m teaching yoga you might hear me asking you to:

So how does this translate to life?

  • Can we notice and be present with the space of “in between” in our daily life? In the transitions between days, weeks, months, seasons, and years. In both the expected and unexpected transitions and significant life events.
  • Can we give ourselves what we need to move slowly and gradually from one thing to another? Being self-compassionate if there are some transitions that are harder for us than others. And being curious about the possible reasons why.
  • Can we support ourselves through the disruption and shock of sudden change with care and comfort? Reaching out for help and support from others as part of this process.
  • Can we be present with our thoughts and feelings as they ebb and flow? Remembering that nothing is permanent, our thoughts are not facts, and all feelings are valid in the present moment. Pausing to notice our thoughts and feelings gives us the space to respond constructively rather than having knee-jerk reactions.

It might seem like a leap to go from a yoga practice to these “off the mat” practices. But yoga is about life, it’s not really about what you do on the mat but about how your practice prepares and supports you in life. Our yoga practice trains our nervous system to stay regulated in the face of all the stresses and shocks of life. It’s a life practice. And it’s a life-long practice.

With you on the journey!

Beth x

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