“I felt so much better after our session yesterday, more grounded, and in fact, finally was able to slow down mentally for the rest of the day so huge thanks for that. I love the new “being in your body” tips you have taught me! So helpful!” – D (private tuition)

“Yoga with Beth has helped me to realise I have more control over things than I thought. I can make different choices. My body might be tired or my thoughts might be anxious  but I know I can do things to help me feel better. It won’t be perfect but it’s better. I wasn’t able to see that before.” – Rana (private tuition)

“I’m amazed at what’s been possible through working with you one-to-one. It’s felt very kind but also like my body is capable of more than I thought. Thank you for what you bring, I’m learning an awful lot from you.” – D (private tuition)

“In one word ‘incredible’. My posture has improved and I feel healthier, more energetic. What an amazing way to start my week.” – Polly (public classes)

“Beth’s classes are a breath of fresh air. She combines such a beautiful flow, energy and strength-building mix that I always come away with a life-affirming feeling. The classes are great for everyone – people of all abilities and levels – as she effortlessly adjusts to fit each person’s comfort level. Thank you Beth!” – Cait (workplace classes)

“I discovered yoga with Beth 6 months ago. I feel very privileged to start my yoga journey with her. Beth is very patient with beginners, she explains poses in detail, and corrects us when needed. Her voice has a wonderful power to calm and sooth us all. At the end of the classes, I have this incredible feeling of not feeling my body anymore: so light, all tensions are gone. Thank you so much!” – Isabelle, “a new yoga convert!” (workplace classes)

“I am a woman in my mid-twenties and have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. for 11 years. Each session with Beth is always an absorbing experience where I emerge feeling at peace, even if my day has been a stressful one. The lessons learnt from Beth’s yoga infuse more tranquillity into everyday life and I am more in tune with my body and its relationship with my mind. If you are considering private tuition in yoga I could not recommend Beth any more highly, her presence alone is comforting and I feel blessed to have found her!” – Rana (private tuition)

“Beth’s yoga is thoughtful and interesting, she teaches the balance of both accepting limitation and challenging it in caring for oneself. The classes are collaborative and supportive and from time to time full of laughter.” – Nick (workplace classes)

“Bethan is the best yoga teacher I have ever had – as well as being a warm and calm presence, she explains carefully what each pose is helping you accomplish, and gives clear advice about how to achieve the most benefit, helping you to direct energy, stretch properly and position limbs accurately – all things I have struggled with before. Highly recommended!” – Sue (workplace classes)

“After a gap of 15 years I returned to yoga with a course of classes with Beth, together with my daughter who is a complete beginner. We have loved every minute. Her clear, calm and precise instruction makes every pose easy to follow and very enjoyable. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed yoga and how both energising and relaxing it is.” – Catherine (public classes)

“Having never tried Yoga before I have found Beth patient, calm and a very understanding teacher. She makes the classes relaxing yet challenging. I would highly recommend her as a teacher – I’m hooked and can’t imagine a better way to start the week!” – Claire (public classes)

“Beth is the kindest and clearest yoga teacher I have had.  She explains poses to the class and helps anyone who needs help to achieve poses correctly.  She is able to guide a class of mixed abilities with humour and patience.  Afterwards we all feel wonderful and grateful for the experience.  I would recommend her classes to anyone, and I know the other class members feel the same way.” – Killian (workplace classes)

“I had the immense pleasure of training this very talented, purely giving, incredible soul! She can recognise your best qualities and support you at any stage of your yogic journey.” – Elena Voyce, Teach Yoga Ltd.