Be bold. Start something.

2016-09-07-08-14-12I distinctly remember the trepidation with which I sent off my application for yoga teacher training last year. I had spent a good six months doing research, first into whether it was definitely something I wanted to do, then whether it was the right time for me to do it, and finally to find the right course and teacher. It felt like a big step but I kept nudging myself closer to the edge. Continue reading

The questions that led me to yoga teacher training

We move in the direction of the questions we ask“We move in the direction of the questions we ask” – I love this quote from Margaret J. Wheatley. It perfectly describes the subtle ways in which we shape our lives, sometimes without even realising it.

Here are six questions that led me to start training as a yoga teacher – questions I’ve asked of myself, questions others have asked of me, and questions I’ve asked other people. Continue reading