How it felt to teach my first yoga class


I recently started teaching yoga once a week to my colleagues. I’m lucky to have a group of such willing and supportive Guinea pigs to practice on and help me get more comfortable with this whole teaching thing.

And of course they’re lucky to have a chance to do some yoga for free, in the office straight after work – quite a few have never tried yoga before, or have only been to one or two classes, so it’s great to offer them a safe space to try it out. Continue reading

Following my own meandering path

2016-04-24 17.51.57 I spent last weekend at a three-day training course at Yogacampus, learning how to teach yoga for stress and burn-out. It was delivered by Charlotte Watts and Leah Barnett who are both wonderful, insightful teachers, weaving yoga philosophy with emerging scientific research into yoga and stress-related illness. I am still processing all the learning and will write more about this in future posts; in the meantime here are some reflections from the course about my journey towards teaching. Continue reading